Child Porn Video With Clown Might Possibly Be the Worst Thing We've Ever Heard Of

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Garold Semelka, left, and Mike Telkamp, right, were both arrested last week on child porn charges
(WARNING: the description below of a popular child porn video is nauseating.)

Last week, the Belleville Police department arrested numbers 25 and 26 of the worst child pornography traffickers/downloaders in the state of Illinois. (The BND covered it, as did KMOV ; the Post-Dispatch ran a short on it).

It's all part of attorney general Lisa Madigan's "Operation Glass House"  (named that way to remind these slugs that they can't hide their seedy activities; law enforcement can "see" through their walls).

Civil libertarians may not be crazy about that kind of prying. And anyway, these two guys are innocent until proven guilty, right? Well...

Take one of them, Mike G. Telkamp, who was arrested Thursday. According to Madigan's office,
Telkamp was arrested when law enforcement noted his IP address had downloaded a particularly vile, violent, yet popular, child pornography video featuring a middle aged man dressed as a clown repeatedly assaulting and raping a terrified girl about 8 years old, Madigan said.
Uh, that's not something you'd accidentally click on while, say, surfing for a good deal on patio chairs.

By the way, that video has been downloaded 979 times in the past year in Illinois alone, the AG added. 

Makes you wonder how many times it's been downloaded in Missouri.

Happy Monday!

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