Armed Security Guard Can't Discourage Drive-By Shooters

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Yes, many rent-a-cops are harmless, but some are armed and semi-dangerous.
Just how brazen are St. Louis thugs? Here's an example from early this morning:

A little after midnight, an eighteen-year-old male was talking to a security guard for an apartment complex in the 2500 block of Hodiamont in north city when a dark-colored SUV with tinted windows rolled by slowly. Seconds later a passenger inside the vehicle opened fire, striking the teen in the knee as the security guard returned fire.

But just as the guard couldn't discourage the shooters, he also couldn't stop them, with the SUV speeding off into the night.

St. Louis police report that the victim is currently in stable condition at an area hospital. An investigation is ongoing.

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Itzach Stern

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