Loop Parking Lot Meters Get Yarnbombed

This is a Daily RFT exclusive. The parking meters in the parking lot of the Tivioli have been "yarnbombed" again (see previous incident here). This time the suspect wrapped fuzzy monster feet around the base of all the meters. No injuries reported except to the self-esteem of this staff writer.
Photo by Nicholas Phillips
Tivoli parking meters done got yarnbombed.

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From The Post Diapatch, August 15, 2011:  Nicholas Phillips, ace reporter at the Riverfront Time filed a Workers Compensation claim yesterday after his "self-esteem and ego" were bruised and frightened during an encounter with a parking meter with orange claws and pink panties that assaulted him when the left RFT offices enroute to check a report that a pigeon shit on the statute of Chuck Berry. In addition to the bruises he got writer's block and spasms of his left eyelid. His attorney, Terry Poopen, of Clown and Poopen, is asking the court for damages in excess of $20 milllion dollars since these disabling injuries have left Phillips totally disabled. Attempts to reach Phillips were unsuccessful. His publicist, Audrey Tawdry, declined to comment on her client except to say "he is resting comfortably." God Bless You, Nick.

gordon g.
gordon g.

what? no craigslist sex tales today?. must be a slow news day. very slow indeed.


Get the yarnbomber on the city payroll and have her fix those damn meters while she/he's at it.

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