Vonnegut Library Steps Into Fray Over Banned Books in Missouri

The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library in the author's hometown of Indianapolis is stepping up to assist high-school students in the small southwestern Missouri town of Republic.

Last month the school district in Republic announced that it would pull Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five from the high-school library because language and depictions in the novel on World War II were viewed as too graphic for teens.

School officials also banned Sarah Ockler's Twenty Boy Summer after complaints from a parent who found it offensive. Oddly enough, that parent, Wesley Scroggins, is also a professor at Missouri State University who reportedly home schools his children.

The Vonnegut library says it plans to give away 150 editions of Slaughterhouse Five to students in Republic. So far, at least four have taken the library up on the offer. Julia Whitehead, director of the Vonnegut library, tells the Associated Press that she believes students who are almost old enough to vote and fight in wars are responsible enough to handle Vonnegut's classic novel about war.

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So its bad if students learn about a great author's interpretation of war, but it's ok to let military recruiters roam the high schol halls? Slaughterhouse 5 is'nt going to affect every student, but a few students, those who are paying attention, might raise some uncomfortable questions during the reading. Hey while your at it you might want to ban All Quiet on the Western Front. As far as this Missouri professor saying that Vonnegut is not friendly to the Bible, so be it. The Bible is full of contradictions, genocide and fairy tails that go along with Jesus's brief sections on love and understanding.    


How do I get a copy of Slaughterhouse 5?  My son wants to read it and now so do I.

Lord Byron
Lord Byron

Let's not forget: Wesley Scroggins is a combination of bleach and rust. Which also means he smells like semen. 


Tishacarter--there's information at the Vonnegut Library website, linked in the article. Slaughterhouse-Five is an incredible novel; I hope you enjoy it. I read it in high school in the late 1970s and it has remained one of my favorite books.

EDIT: I see they're also asking for donations of $5 to help sending out the books to Republic--I just chipped in, so there's one copy covered.

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