Flight Grounded at Lambert Due to Backgammon

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Backgammon? Yeah. More like al-Qaeda-gammon.
Early Tuesday morning, when U.S. Airways flight 457 took off from New York heading toward Phoenix, things were quiet.

Perhaps a little too quiet.

And too board-game-y.

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, three Israelis of Russian descent were on the flight. Their English skills were crude (red flag much?). Plus they acted weird:

One of the men tried to sit in an unassigned seat....Immediately after takeoff, one of the men began walking up the aisle. When he was instructed to return to his seat, he sat in another unassigned seat.
But no one was prepared for what came next. No one. As KSDK Channel 5 reports:

Flight attendants grew further suspicious after seeing one of the men handle an elaborate, odd-shaped case...The box was revealed to contain a backgammon game.
Ground the plane. Seriously -- backgammon? Do you know what "backgammon" means, in the game? It means a triple loss of checkers. So. Do the math.

By the way, advice to terrorists: If you really want to look normal, don't bring a social and stimulating past-time. Put on headphones and avoid eye contact with strangers, just like everybody else.

The flight was grounded at Lambert Airport on Tuesday morning. After a sweep of the plane and a re-screening of the passengers, the flight resumed as normal. 

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