Joseph Price Has a Top Hat For All Seasons

Categories: Bold Types
Joseph Price, 55
Festival of Nations, Tower Grove Park

In an effort to celebrate the people who keep our city interesting, Daily RFT is launching a new weekly blog post, "Bold Types," featuring photos and street interviews with the fashionistas, fresh faces and free spirits of our town.

I had to chase you down -- is that a straw top hat? It's awesome. Thanks! I had it made in New York. It's very cool. It looks cool.

How long have you had it?
I've had this for about five years. It always gets comments. I have a winter one made out of felt.

Well, you look great. You're a vision in bold neutrals!
It's just something I threw together.

What do you do? I'm a musician. I have a ministry of music at my church, Prince of Peace Baptist at 2741 Dayton. I play piano, and we have an awesome choir.

Are you enjoying the festival? What's your favorite part of it? Eating! I had a shish kebab, a margarita, the Chinese thing -- a spring roll. The weather's good and you can enjoy different cultures without buying a plane ticket.

When's the last time you did buy a plane ticket?
I went to Europe. I played in Spain.

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