St. Louis Borders Closing (Finally)

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Is there anything sadder than an empty bookstore?
​The end is here, after months of being near. To anyone who has been spending time at area Borders stores over the past week or so and seen people carrying out the shelves and the tables and other fixtures, this news should come as no surprise. But now it's official: the Borders in Brentwood and Creve Coeur closed for good yesterday, September 12.

The store in Sunset Hills closes today. The locations in Fairview Heights and South County Center will hang on until Thursday. (The company has posted a full list of closings on its Facebook page.) The Edwardsville Borders has already closed, but will be taken over by Books-A-Million.

CNN published a touching tribute to the original Borders in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which also serves as a reminder of how far the bookseller had strayed from its roots.

On the corporate level, Borders is already done; its last executive, Glen Tomaszewski, who served as vice president, chief accounting officer, controller and treasurer, was cut September 2.

The lawsuits, however, continue. Last week 300 employees at Borders' headquarters in Ann Arbor filed a class action suit against the company for failing to give them sufficient notice that they were losing their jobs. (The plaintiffs cite the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification [WARN] Act, which requires 60 days notice. Officially, they had less than a day, although it could be argued that they should have seen it coming.)

Borders is also currently exchanging lawsuits with Next Jump, the company that managed its Borders Rewards program. Borders says Next Jump started trying to lure customers away as soon as bookstores started closing. Next Jump says it has been falsely accused.

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There was never a borders in St. Louis.

Mike N.
Mike N.

As much as I hate to say it, it's about damn time; I hate those liquidation firms.  I think three weeks ago they had ads on TV claiming "final days!"   Ugh, why can't a company like Borders liquidate themself?


Gordon Brothers Group, the same company responsible for liquidating CompUSA, Linens N' Things, and American in the local area. I absolutely hate them too, the tacky signs and sales tactics, initially jacking up prices with a percentage off to give the illusion of a good deal and mark them down in the REAL final days, but they have the experience and coordination to do it. I believe in some (most?) cases they buy the companies outright to dispose of them in their hallmark fashion. I imagine Borders liquidating themselves would take too long to the satisfaction of their creditors and the government.

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