Cassilly Update: John Blake to be Charged in Shooting of City Museum Founder's Son

One of the two men alleged to have shot Max Cassilly in his south-city apartment will be formally charged next month.

John Henry Blake, 29, was arrested the morning of August 13 after two men shot Cassilly, son of City Museum founder Bob Cassilly, in his home near Grand and Montana. Blake, who's been in custody since September 4 on a $100,000 cash-only bond, will be arraigned October 11.

He'll be charged with four felony counts: assault in the first degree, armed criminal action, first-degree burglary and resisting arrest. The probable cause statement from police says that Blake and another man, who remains unknown and at large, "demanded entry into the home and upon gaining entry asked for all the money." The complaint from police says that he entered the apartment "for the purpose of committing stealing therein."

Initial comments from police spokeswoman Erica Van Ross had first indicated that Cassilly knew the men. Police later suggested he didn't and that robbery was the motive. Max's stepmother Giovanna Cassilly, who has an order of protection against her stepson which prevents him from entering the City Museum and the home she shares with his father Bob Cassilly, told us that she thinks the shooting was related to her stepson's alleged substance-abuse problems.

We'll let you know how Blake pleads. We're told that Max Cassilly's recovery is progressing nicely and that he's out of the hospital.

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This is obviously foul play having to do with this robbery and now Bob Cassilly's death. I really hope the TRUTH comes out about this entire thing. He died in his bulldozer?!?!  I DON'T THINK SO!!! Give me a break!! Please tell me someone is going to do some real investigating in Bob Cassilly's murder and get to the bottom of this. Follow the money. Good luck.


Bad Boy John Henry Blake is currently on probation for illegal possession of narcotics. He's been busted 4 times for drug possession and once for unlawful use of a weapon. Hopefully, he will get a nice long vacation at the Bonne Terre Hilton or the Potosi Comfort Inn!


Will Blake be wearing a dinner jacket when he is "formally" charged?

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