Diana Cojocaru Doesn't Look Naked People in the Eye

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Diana Cojocaru, 23
Delmar Boulevard and Westgate Avenue


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Where does your last name come from? It's Romanian. I was born here, but that's where my parents are from.

What's the coolest thing people don't know about Romania? I've never been, but they're known as the little Paris. Their capital, Bucharest, has a lot of history. Their parliament is one of the biggest in Europe.

What do you do here? I'm enrolled in school. I do graphic design.

Is purple your favorite color? One of them. There are different shades, and it goes good with brown. I have brown hair and brown eyes, so it brings it all out in me.

Is this a leather jacket kind of a day? It's too hot now, but maybe it'll get cooler later on tonight, when I start drawing naked people.

You draw naked people? Yeah, I have to in my figure drawing class.

How old are the models? They range from 20s to 70s. It all depends on who's got the courage to sit in front of people naked for hours. I guess they're comfortable with themselves.

Does it ever get awkward? Very. Every day. For the first hour and a half of class I can't concentrate, and I draw my stuff the wrong way.

Do they ever make small talk? They look out into space mostly. I kind of refrain from talking and making eye contact because it's a little weird. I haven't made friends with any of them.

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