"Dr. Mom" on Donnybrook? Seriously, Charlie?

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A journalists' roundtable gets a special guest.
Update: OMG! Alert readers are now telling me that Erin Shannon-McGowan is the daughter of Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon, who happens to be a KMOX (1120 AM) colleague of Brennan. No wonder Brennan didn't return my inquiries asking him to explain how/why he chose "Ask Dr. Mom" for last week's Donnybrook. Nepotism is difficult to justify.

So, who can we expect on Donnybrook this week, Charlie? How about Jack Buck's widow, Carole? She's a "journalist." I hear her all the time on KMOX warning people about an "out-of-town funeral home conglomerate."

What a joke. Martin Duggan, come back and save your show.

Original story follows...

A few months ago Daily RFT reported on a pissing match between AM talk show hosts in which McGraw Milhaven (KTRS AM 550) accused Charlie Brennan (KMOX AM 1120) of blackballing guests from appearing on his show. Beyond that, Milhaven had a beef with Brennan over the way he managed the popular television show Donnybrook on KETC-TV (Channel 9).

Brennan serves as the host ("provocateur") for the weekly round-table program, which, according to KETC, features "five quick-witted, highly opinionated St. Louis journalists."

Milhaven wondered why Brennan had never invited him to sit in as a substitute talking head on Donnybrook. Responded Brennan: "..the show is short on women and conservative voices. So when we have an absence, I try to find someone who fits that mold."

Okay, but here at Daily RFT we're still baffled as to how Brennan settled on Erin Shannon-McGowan on last week's program. Sure, she's a woman. A conservative? We don't know. But she most definitely is not a journalist.

She is a clinical psychologist who occasionally answers questions presented to her by Aisha Sultan, home and family editor for the Post-Dispatch, in a video feature called Ask Dr. Mom. Topics Sultan and Shannon-McGowan have explored include: how to wean your child, how to get your child to do chores and what to do when your child gets the "mean" teacher at school.

We suppose, then, that you could call Shannon-McGowan a "news" source. But a journalist? No.

We're not sure what Brennan calls Shannon-McGowan, only that he called her for last Thursday's show. Brennan has yet to respond to Daily RFT's request for comment.

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We will say this, for Shannon-McGowan: Seated with Brennan, Ray Hartmann, Bill McClellan and Alvin Reid, "Ask Dr. Mom" sure made the show more visually appealing. Then again, if Donnybrook were a beauty pageant, it would've been canceled after its first airing. (It's no wonder all the regular "journalists" on Donnybrook work in print and/or radio. Just sayin'.)

Perhaps the problem is that Brennan just doesn't know any female reporters who actually follow and report on the news. Allow us to offer a few suggestions:

1. Jo Mannies at the St. Louis Beacon
2. Julie Bierach with St. Louis Public Radio
3. Elizabethe Holland at the Post-Dispatch
4. Audrey Spalding, blogger/researcher at Show-Me Daily
5. Or, heck, how about RFT's own Sarah Fenske? 

Just a few thoughts in the off-chance that the Donnybrook provocateur ever trolls Daily RFT looking for topics that might provoke.

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Donnybrook is a great St. Louis institution.  Admittedly Dr. Mom was not the best fill in I've ever seen, but she is pretty hot.  I'll forgive all once they get someone who actually lives in ST LOUIS CITY as a regular.


Unless the show is to be all about Millhaven why would anyone want him on a show? He's a DeeJay (a douchebag one at that) not an authority on anything other than how to keep his hair perfect while he fingers his butthole.

Your Momma
Your Momma

As much as this new guest maybe a joke... is it possible that Chad is sore that he wasn't invited?

Lord Byron
Lord Byron

That second picture looks like the beginning of a particularly bad Eastern European porno. (Hartmann and Brennan DP together, obviously.)


"she is pretty hot"

Some people will fuck anything. The rest of us discrimate. It's called "standards"

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Wow. No, I hadn't been to her website. You're right. Even worse than I thought.


 She is Mike Shannon's daughter, so there she's part of the larger KMOX family I suppose.

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