Top 5 Works of Erotic Voltron Fan Art

It takes a special person to imagine a cartoon character naked. It takes a very special person to draw it. Here, we present the very best art from zealous fans of the St. Louis-born Voltron: Defender of the Universe (click here to read our feature on the franchise).

5. Scantily-clad Princess Allura gets it on with evil Queen Merla


4. Yurak plants a wet one on Commander Cossack


3. Wicked witch Haggar talking real dirrty to Yurak.


2. Merla Attempts to Get Japanese-based Radio Signal


1. Commander Keith, leaning on what appears to be some kind of cargo draped with a red cloth so as not to get it dusty or disturbed; Probably dry goods, although it could be food or water provisions for an upcoming intergalactic space sortie, which requires such preparation, depending on location.  Also his dong is out.


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