Fake Air Marshals Reportedly Kicked Off St. Louis to D.C. Flight

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Updated 3:30 p.m.:United Airlines spokesman Rahsaan Johnson tells Daily RFT that before departing the gate on Sunday, the crew of GoJet Airlines 3681 (operating as a United Express flight) found paper towels stuffed in a toilet.

"In an abundance of caution, the crew elected to have the airplane re-screened," says Johnson. "Unrelated to the re-screening, prior to departure, two customers on board chose not to fly and deplaned normally. The flight operated safely and routinely and arrived just over an hour late."

Johnson said he could not confirm Meyer's statement (below) as the airline does not comment on customer or security matters.

Update 1 p.m.: Ron Meyer, the passenger on United flight 3681 who first alerted Breitbart about the fake air marshals called Daily RFT this afternoon to stand by his story. Meyer says that a flight attendant got on the plane's PA system and told passengers that the men escorted off the plane claimed to be federal air marshals but could provide no documentation.

In addition, Meyer says that when the plane landed in Washington D.C. the pilot told him inside the terminal gangway that the men turned out to be real federal air marshals.

Reached this afternoon, a TSA spokeswoman would not comment further on a statement the agency put out this morning (below).

"I think it's awkward and odd the way they're spinning this," says Meyer. "It seems pretty embarrassing from a national security perspective."

United Airlines could not be reached for comment.

Update 10:45 a.m.: The Transportation Security Administration today released a statement saying there was no security threat on United flight 3681 last night and no fake federal air marshals. The flight returned to the gate at the pilot's discretion.

Per TSA: "United #3681 from St. Louis International (STL) to Washington Dulles (IAD) returned to the gate at the direction of the airline, and all passengers were rescreened at the request of the pilot-in-charge. All passengers were screened with negative findings,  and the plane departed for IAD, landing at approximately 10:15 p.m. EDT."

Original story follows...

We're taking this story with a grain of salt considering its source -- Andrew Breitbart's BigGovernment.com.

The politically conservative website (which has a record of bending the truth) reports that two men were taken off a flight scheduled from St. Louis to Washington, D.C., last night. The men reportedly claimed to be U.S. air marshals but had no paperwork to back that up. The flight was scheduled for take off when it returned to the gate at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

A man who says he was on the flight tells BreitbartTV that the two suspects aroused suspicion when they spent time in the restroom before the flight took off. Both suspects were reportedly Caucasian. Curiously, one of the men happened to be seated next to Lt. Col. Oliver North (of Iran-Contra fame), who was seated in first class.

Passengers on the flight bound for Dulles International Airport reportedly had to leave the plane and go back through security along with their luggage. The plane later made its way to the nation's capital without incident.

This morning the Department of Homeland Security made no mention of the alleged incident on its news or alerts pages of its website. More information as it develops.

Yesterday, of course, was the ten-year anniversary of 9/11, with the nation's airports on heightened security.

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I was on this flight.  We didn't even pull away from the gate.  These two white guys kept getting out of their seats and moving around.  They went into the restroom and then started to move bags around in the overhead bin.  After some discussion with the stewardess, these men left the plane.  We sat for another 20 minutes and some passengers got up to talk with the stewardess and one of the passengers flipped on his call button above his seat and told the stewardess he was not comfortable with this whole thing.  At that point, the pilot came on the PA system and said that this was not a happy day for American's and that the pilots were opting to have the plane de-boarded since these two men identified themselves as Air Marshal's but didn't have documentation to back that up. 

TSA was all over this flight from the start.  They screened everyone when we boarded the flight the first time.  The terminal was crawling with TSA and Police.  After the plane de-boarded STL police were seen on the ground talking to the pilot then all of a sudden we were given the green light to board and we took off.  The whole thing seemed strange.

And yes, Oliver North was there.


It was no fake. The people causing the suspicion were Israelis. jews are always the true terrorists behind everything despite the media lies to the contrary. These jews should have been thrown in the gulag for the rest of their lives but with Americans being so in love with the villanous jew it will never happen in the real world.


Breitbart is a congenital lier for a party of non-stop liers. Why do they need Faux Noise to slant, lie, distort and pimp for them?? Why can't they just win on ideas, the truth and plans and programs the average person could believe in and vote for? Why do they pretend to court the religious right when they've done nothing about Abortion - their sole voting causitive item. Oh and then there's that Dominion idea ot the Right Wing to control every aspect of our lives according to their "Book".


"However, a statement from the Transportation Security Adminstration says United Flight 3681 returned to the gate at the pilot’s direction, for UNKNOWN REASONS.

Passengers had to deboard and show their ID to get back on, and luggage was re-screened, but no problems were found and the flight continued on to Washington-Dulles without incident.--- Passengers deboarding and re-screened luggage seems to be an incident even if milder

Dirt McGirt
Dirt McGirt

Yes a complete fabrication, except that part about "A flight attendant told Meyer that when confronted by the crew, the men  identified themselves as air marshals, but when the men couldn’t prove their claim the pilot made the decision to return to the gate" which complete ly corroborates the story.  Other than that, all lies, right?

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