Four Arrested for Stealing Wheelchairs, Walkers From North St. Louis Resident

wheelchair suspects.jpg
Police say the suspects were attempting to steal electric wheelchairs and a walker. They are (l to r) Casey Lowery, Janice Skiffer, Carl Brown and Willene Watson.
Four people have been charged with burglary and theft stemming from an incident last week in the St. Louis Place neighborhood of north city. According to probable cause statements, St. Louis police officers were dispatched September 7 to a home in the 3500 block of North 25th Street (above) for a call of a burglary in progress.

Upon arriving to the scene, officers found one of the suspects, Casey Lowery, standing next to a pick-up truck filled with belongings in the alley. While talking to Lowery, the officer spied Carl Brown leaving the home with a walker. Police say Brown took off running and was caught a short distance away. In the meantime, Janice Skiffer and Willene Watson emerged from the home and were arrested.

Police discovered one of the homeowner's electric wheelchairs in the rear yard of the residence. Another was in the bed of the suspects' truck.

The owner of the home told police she did not know any of the suspects and that none of them had permission to enter her home or remove her belongings. The two electric wheelchairs had a combined value of about $9,000, according to police.

The suspects are:

1. Casey Lamont Lowery, 30, 4100 block of Folsom
2. Janice Elaine Skiffer, 47, 3200 block of S. Grand
3. Carl Brown, 46, 5300 block of Terry
4. Willene Wilson, 46, 1200 block of N. 9th

They were arrested and each placed in jail on a $20,000 bond. A hearing in the case is set for October 18.

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David Braun
David Braun

There should be some additional punishment for scumbags who commit crimes against handicapped people.

Rudy Moore
Rudy Moore

Sentence them to life... of Scooter Store mailers and commercials.


There's only one punishment for these guys - cut their legs off and give them nothing to assist them through the rest of their life.


That is rather harsh don't you think? I say just cut off their legs so than can actually utilize the shit they stole. 

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