Jordan Wolf (or, The Artist Formerly Known as Ken Canamore): L.A.-Bound At Last

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There are local standups who talk about moving to L.A., and there are those that actually do it. Jordan Wolf (né Ken Canamore), is actually doing it. And he's serious this time (he bought his plane ticket).  On Saturday, the 27-year-old will be doing two hour-long farewell sets at The Grove Deli.

Why the name change? 

Jordan Wolf: Well, I was named after my dad, and he hasn't really been a part of my life since I was eight. Also I wanted something simple people would know how to spell without asking.

You're doing a full hour tomorrow. That's a hefty chunk.

It's the first time I'll have done that much time on stage. And The Grove Deli, it's small -- the audience can't not sit up front. That's why I'm excited about it.  It's a packed-in situation.

Do you ever get flak from the ladies after you do your bit on woman empowerment?

You know what? I don't! It's so weird. In comedy you can say anything, it's just the way you say it and your demeanor. When I auditioned for NBC Standup for Diversity, the two judges were females. I guess it didn't bother them, because I made it to finals. Now I'm still waiting to find out if I made final showcase.

I understand you like to capture funny thoughts with a voice recorder. Have you ever gotten caught by people doing that and feel weird?

Oh, I do it in front of people. In Portland, I was hanging out with couple girls....and I had said something and I was like, 'I gotta put that into my recorder.' Then I went on a whole other tirade, they were laughing at that.

It looks weird if you hide off in a corner so I just do it in front of people.

What's the rest of your process like?

I come up with ideas. I say them into the recorder. Then one day, I sit down, put on headphones, and write down the ideas in a notebook. Then I add to them [on paper]. Then I type them up. Because for some reason, it's easier for me to have them neatly typed up.

So first, you embellish, then you whittle down.

Yeah, I try to think of less wordy ways to say something. I'm all about economy.

Are you going to miss us?

Man, I've left so much, and every time I come back, I see that Arch and it's always a good feeling. This is always a good place to come back to, not just for friends and family, but to work out new material. Because things that work well here seem to travel well all over the country.

We certainly hope so.

Jordan Wolff will be at The Grove Deli on Saturday; shows at 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. For more info, check out No Name Comix on Facebook.

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Debra Pasquella
Debra Pasquella

You may want to know the real reason why Ken Canamore changed his name to Jordan Wolf. He is verbally abusive to women and has a tendency to lose it. He has been harassing me via email for over a year. This is where it started. Read up and Google "Ken Canamore".

Belinda Carroll
Belinda Carroll

Maybe he meant in his early life and he's come back into his life now? A lot of times, the news will cut off a quote, and it ruins the context of it. 


how can you say your dad has not been part of your life. When you are a grown ass man that gets spoiled like you are a fucking princess by your dad 


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