Lawyers for Kinder Includes Some Political Heavyweights

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Peter Kinder has friends in high places, too.
Daily RFT was just forwarded the invite to next week's "Lawyers for Kinder" fundraiser at Cafe Napoli in Clayton.

The list of sponsors for the September 29 event includes several prominent Missouri attorneys-turned-political-heavies, including:
  • Catherine Hanaway, former U.S. Attorney for Eastern Missouri and speaker of the Missouri House
  • John Danforth, former U.S. Senator
  • Bill Corrigan, former Republican nominee for St. Louis County Executive
  • John Diehl, Republican state rep. from Town & Country
  • Stephen N. Limbaugh, a federal judge in Cape Girardeau and cousin of Rush Limbaugh
  • Tim Jones, Republican state rep. from Eureka
  • Jim Talent, former U.S. Senator
  • Gene McNary, former St. Louis County Executive

Question is, though, will those attorneys combined raise the $100,000 that incumbent governor Jay Nixon received earlier this month from a solitary Clayton law firm?

Invite appears after the jump...

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Wow Chad. The RFT has me aroused today with two Kinder articles!! He is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't he?.The RFT owes him a debt of gratitude for boosting your readership. Your serialization of him is better than the Perils of Pauline!  And thank you for printing the list of lawyers who support him. Four of them are clients of mine, including one judge. I haven't felt this good since the pigs ate the baby. Keep up the good work.

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