Contest: Match the Indicted Metro East Law Officer with the Crime! Win Underpants!

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These boxers can be yours!
Five police officers in metro East St. Louis and a police dispatcher were indicted today on multiple crimes.

Below is a description of the crimes and a photo of five of the six people arrested in the bust. First commenter to match the crime with the correct photo of the perp below will win this fabulous pair of Voltron underwear! (Yes it does say, "Form Blazing Sword!" on the fly.)

Check out the descriptions and mugshots after the jump. Best of luck!

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1. Harry "Dink" Halter, the Alorton public safety director and a Fairmont City police officer, is accused of coercing a 30-year-old woman to perform a oral sex on him to avoid a ticket in 2008.

2. Shantez Lockett, a former dispatcher for East St. Louis, stands accused of misconduct for texting a fugitive friend and telling him he was about to be arrested.

3. Larry Greenlee is was charged with state benefits fraud for telling an Illinois State Department of Employment Security official that he wasn't employed when he was working as an East St. Louis police officer.

4. Jeffrey L. Waters of the Washington Park police department is accused of the theft of nine bullet-proof vests.

5. Tina Presson, a Fairview Heights police officer, is charged with theft of a cell phone from a AT&T kiosk.

Note: The underwear is new, though no longer in its package. That's where you come in.

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You weren't very creative on this one, Chad. If you really wanted to spark interest in your story, you should offer panties from Verlin's as the prizes. The Tammy Chapman mesh thong and two pair of her stained with tobacco juice and the other spotted with union thug spooge would be much more interesting than the ones seen in your article.



Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Ding, ding, ding! And we have a winner! Jdub, shoot me an email and I'll arrange for you to get your shorts. Good job! chadDOTgarrisonATriverfronttimesDOTcom

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