Headed Down the Illinois River Soon: The Nina and Pinta

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Get your Columbus Day started early.
For ten days this fall, Grafton will be home to replicas of two of Christopher Columbus' three exploring ships. The Nina and Pinta are currently making their way across Lake Michigan before heading down the Illinois River this month.

After a stop in Peoria, the vessels are expected to arrive in Grafton on September 30 and stay until October 9. The Nina was built in the late 1980s completely by hand (without the use of power tools) and is called the most "historically accurate Columbus replica ever built." The Pinta was constructed in 2005 to accompany the Nina on her travels.

For more information on the ships and tour information check out The Columbus Foundation.

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I went with a friend to see this today.  I enjoyed it but think it would have been much nicer had someone dressed up as and playing the role of Christopher Columbus been telling the story as it is was his.  Also, the 'narrator', although he was pleasant and personable, tried too hard to make us laugh, when any younger people under 20 or so would not understand what was so funny. I took lot of pictures and it was a beautiful day weather-wise.  All in all, a fun and interesting thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.  Thanks.

Rio Vitale
Rio Vitale

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Mike N.
Mike N.

Hey Chad, are you too lazy to type it properly as Niña?  :)

And, I think I'll develop scurvy first so I can get the true experience of the expedition.


Interesting since they used to have the Santa Maria at the St Louis riverfront.  Cept it burned.

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