Protestors Say They'll Stop Construction of Mississippi River Bridge

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Mississippi River Bridge stirs controversy.
Work on the new $700 million Mississippi River Bridge north of downtown St. Louis could come to a halt next week.

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks and the Metro-East Black Contractors Organization announced their plans for a protest on Friday, September 16, aimed at temporarily shutting down construction. Alvin and MEBCO want more minority participation in the project, especially for black workers.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, the state agency has exceeded minority participation guidelines with minority workers making up about 35 percent of the total workers on the job as of August 29, and accounting for 23 percent of the man hours worked on Mississippi River Bridge. An IDOT spokesman tells Belleville News-Democrat that 85 percent of those minorities come from the Metro East.

But that's not enough, according to a KMOX report that has the Parks and MEBCO demanding that minorities make up 50 percent of all workers. Negotiations between IDOT and MEBCO broke down last week.

Now the black contractors are calling for a protest September 16 and hope to get Governor Pat Quinn and other local leaders to join them in their effort.

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They already removed the auto deck from the MacArthur Bridge that led into East St. Louis to make it harder for criminals to escape back to their homes, I say just shut down the new bridge project, and use the money to pave over East St. Louis.

Pissed off and out of work
Pissed off and out of work

You know who doesen't make money durring a "protest" THE PROTESTERS!!! Eveyone is hard up for money. This is petty politics! Suck it up. If you want to take off work for your race, fine. I belive in the motto: "If you wont work, we will find people that will" Fuck off with your racial crap! I want someone that can build a bridge regardless of color or creed!


Why should minorities make up a majority of the workforce on this project? I'm all for equal opportunity but c'mon.

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