Report: Karl Rove Raises $160,000 for Peter Kinder

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In Peter Kinder terminology, Karl Rove "made it rain" Wednesday night.
Republican strategist Karl Rove touched down in Cape Girardeau Wednesday night for a fundraiser for Lt. Governor Peter Kinder. Tickets to the dinner and discussion went for $250 to $2,500 a pop and helped raise $160,000 for the man flirting with a run for governor next year against incumbent Jay Nixon.

Kinder's campaign director tells the St. Louis Beacon that Wednesday was the most lucrative fundraiser the lieutenant governor has ever had in his hometown.

Still, Kinder trails Nixon by a long shot when it comes to campaign contributions. Nixon's campaign had $3.2 million on hand for the most recent cycle ending July 15. Kinder had half that at $1.6 million. And on Tuesday of this week, Nixon's office received a single check for $100,000 from the Clayton law firm of Carey Danis & Lowe LLC.

Kinder, of course, has been plagued in recent weeks by his relationship with a former stripper and centerfold first revealed here at Daily RFT. In response, Kinder has attacked the media and the political "kingmakers" and "insiders" in his party and elsewhere who've criticized him and who he believes are attempting to control his fate.

As Fired Up! Missouri noted this week, isn't Karl Rove the very personification of a GOP kingmaker and insider?

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One scumbag deserves another. One slimeball deserves another.  Carl brought us Big George as President, maybe Kinder can be led around by the nose too. Although it seems that it would be only too easy to lead him around by his hard d!ck.


"Kinder, of course, has been PERSECUTED in recent weeks...first revealed here at the Daily RFT." Well, my irratation at the RFT for its overkill on the Kinder story has all gone away. I have had more fun making fun of Chad & Co. over the never ending Kinder saga, that any irritation I had went away weeks ago.

I greatly respect Chad. He is a first rate journalist. And since he is the Big Dog at the RFT he is  a good target for my stings and barbs - sorta like the papparazzi bugging movie stars. I often wondered why he writes the overwhelming majority of RTF articles. It's because some  "journalists" at the RFT can't write worth a shit.

" Ms. Syrupy" for one, would have trouble writing Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill since she would "enhance" the story in her own sophomoric sugary way:  Jack embraced Jill and kissed her sweet breasts. His passion rose as he felt her silky thighs. Jill held his sweaty hand, carressing his throbbing manhood as he pushed her down the hill with unabandoned glee, shouting "Go get the pail bitch and bring it back full of water!" 

Lord Byron
Lord Byron

This is not at all surprising: down in Cape, turd blossoms are a delicious treat for chickenhawks. 

handsome jimmy
handsome jimmy

Hope the $160,000 came all in one dollar bills so Kinder can disperse the campaign contributions one dollar at a time over on the east side.

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