Hitting Newstands Today: Riverfront Times' "Best of St. Louis"

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Don't worry. We just feel dead today at RFT.
Regular readers of may be asking themselves this morning: "Why so few posts today on Daily RFT?"

Well, here's the answer: After months of research, writing, editing and formatting, the staff here at Riverfront Times finally put our 2011 "Best of St. Louis" issue to bed last night. And, yes, there was a fair amount of drinking afterward.

So, pardon our hangover sluggishness today at Daily RFT. We suggest you fill in your free time by getting hold of this week's paper -- a 192-page paean to all things great about St. Louis. You can also find all our winners online and (new this year) via our "Best Of" app.

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Sudipta Sarkar
Sudipta Sarkar

Celebrations and eventsbring you the opportunity not just to discover the meaning of relations in yourlife. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to accessorize the relations aswell. And the evercharming appeal in its gift stuffs that delivering for your closeacquaintances is just the right move that your celebration deserves.


Also, it's so nice you put Sarah Fenske on the cover of Best of St. Louis. And I always thought she was  a blonde!


Also Hitting The News Stands Today: The RFT's six volume leather bound set of articles on Peter Kinder. I'm sure they will be on top of the NYT Best Seller List within a week!

Mike N.
Mike N.

"Why so few posts today on Daily RFT?"   I just figured Chad got home late from his all-male dance review gig...

[I kid because I love.  And I look forward to picking up the Best-Of]

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Damn! Secret's out. As Paul Harvey would say, "And know you know the rest of the story!"

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