Senate Removes $300 Million in Incentives from China Hub Bill

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The China Hub bill looks a bit like this today.
Those pushing for a bill to build a cargo hub at Lambert St. Louis International Airport were dealt a setback today.

Senators meeting in special session removed a provision in the bill that could provide as much as $300 million in incentives for building warehouse space in and near the airport. A separate incentive of $60 million to encourage freight forwards to set up shop in St. Louis remained in the bill.

Last week the airport's director, Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, told Daily RFT that the incentives for new warehouse space were crucial to the project, as Lambert recently rented out its last remaining warehouse space to China Cargo, which will make an inaugural flight to St. Louis this month. Ideally, warehouse space for air cargo would be located on the grounds of the airport.

Opponents of the tax incentives, including the conservative think tank Show-Me Institute, have argued that plenty of existing warehouse space goes unused by the airport.

It's still possible, however, that the incentives for warehouses get placed back into the St. Louis Aerotropolis (a.k.a. China Hub) legislation when it moves to the House.

St. Louis Business Journal today quotes a relatively unconcerned Jeff Rainford, of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay's office. "The House hasn't even weighed in yet," says Rainford. "What's most important is that the bill is moving forward and not stalled out and it does include Aerotropolis. Oftentimes it's in the joint House-Senate committee conference where the bill is written."

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I would like to see this deal with the China Hub go through, and it seems that the incentives weren't really doing anything to draw the Chinese here, considering they just rented out an existing warehouse instead of building a new one.

No silly kickbacks to politicians brother's who have a construction company, and a China freight hub at Lambert? Sounds like a win-win to me.


Thanks for sharing the news, nice and useful


Let Rhonda Hamm N concentrate on getting people to fly back to St. Louis and not over or around or through. She almost has a downtown to promote, and will on October 1sttwhen Kiel Opera House reopens as Peabody. Kansas City opens the awesome new Kauffman Center on Friday. These are the 'demand-drivers' that draw people to cities for 2 or 3 day stays. And, they are Downtown.  Meantime on the ground, Missouri delegation in Congress better fight for Amtrak through Missouri. The hell with Amtrak to Chicago, that 'flows the money out'. Amtrak through Missouri keeps the money here.

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