Let Your Kids Eat Dog Feces and The State Will Take Them Away

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To be fair, this kid looks like he got into cake. Not...something else.
Earlier this month, when cops arrived at 2771 N. Pickwick Ave. in Springfield, they noticed something kinda bad: Three kids, all under age three, all wearing only diapers, all "very dirty in appearance."

That ain't so bad. But oh, the story, told yesterday by the News-Leader of Springfield, gets worse.

Police then noticed a jar of applesauce, covered in flies, on the front porch. The kids had been eating out of it. One officer said it appeared the jar had been set out for the kids to feed themselves, "as if they were domestic animals."

With an investigator from the Children's Division on the way to check things out, the cops spoke to the parents: Kearstain Sleeth, 20, and Matt Steele, 21.

The parents were allowed to quickly bathe the kids and tidy up the house (which officers say was strewn with "dog feces, trash and food").

But once bathed, the kids started running around the house again, and the bottoms of their little feet got all "black" again.

Here's the kicker in the police report:
Also, one child was observed putting dog feces in his mouth with [the mother] sitting next to him.

The kids were taken into protective custody. The parents have each been charged with six counts of misdemeanor child endangerment. 

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This needs be delted she is a great mother and deserves her kids! Them kids were never dirty!

women shoes
women shoes

The kids should be taken away until the parents get some damn parenting skills..omg.


Three kids under three.  20 and 21 year old parents.  Never saw this one coming.

Boulevard Heights
Boulevard Heights

There just isn't hope for people that are this limited mentally.  For the sake of our species, shoot 'em down like dogs.

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