St. Louis Judge Jimmie Edwards Needs Your Vote for Hero Award

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Vote for Judge Edwards here.
Congratulations to St. Louis Juvenile Court Judge Jimmie Edwards, who's been selected by the editors of People magazine as one of nine finalists for its Readers' Choice Hero award.

In 2009 Edwards recruited dozens of community partners to help him launch the Innovative Concepts Academy in an abandoned St. Louis school. Innovative Concept, part of the St. Louis Public Schools, targets at-risk city youth by administering strict discipline, counseling programs and mandatory after-school activities.

Edwards was motivated to start the school after watching a string of teen offenders come though his courtroom. Apprised that he'd been named a finalist for People magazine's award, Edwards deflected praise to everyone who helped him with the school.

"I am so proud of all the teachers, staff, volunteers, and most of all, the students who have made our Innovative Concept Academy a success," he says.

Vote for Jimmie Edwards here and cast as many ballots as you can before October 13. The winner of the contest will receive $10,000 to use for his or her charity.

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i have an eight year old girl that is great in her schoolwork. Every chance she gets she's hitting/bullying the kids in her class or on the school bus. The teachers say she bosses the other children or she's just mean to them. i do everything in my power to keep her from getting in trouble. i would take things away from her that she enjoys. It does'nt bother her.I am afraid that my daughter would end up in court system. I just don't no what to do anymore. I need some advice.


I just watched the interview, with this Judge, on the Jaco Report. If we had a world full of inspirational people such as Judge Jimmie Edwards, the world would be a safer place to live!The children at this school have been given a second chance by this judge and according to their interviews...that's all they wanted. It's sad to hear that these teens don't even know basic colors, shapes or how to eat correctly. The real 'criminals' here are the parents. They need to be charged with 'neglect.' As the one teen said, "When I was so far behind in homework that I just quit b/c I couldn't catch up. Then I was kicked out of school and left to roam the streets. Now I have a place to go and stay off the streets"!  I am glad SOMEONE is listening like Judge Edwards....these kids want to belong. They don't want to run the streets. Idle hands are the devils playground!


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