St. Louis Police Find Woman's Body in Dumpster

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Update October 4: The body has been identified as 27-year-old Ashley Jefferson of the 3300 block of Winnebago.

St. Louis police are attempting to identify a woman's body found around 6 a.m. today in a dumpster in the 3400 block of Miami (below) in south city.

3400 miami.JPG
At this point, police are labeling the case as a "sudden death" until more information becomes available.

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i live 4 doors down, and this neighborhood is definitely going through a downturn. my heart goes out to her mom, who works at the Tin Can, a favorite place of mine. i hope they catch the scumbags who dumped the gal.

Samantha Maxwell
Samantha Maxwell

this shout out goes to Ashley, may she rest in peace with the good Lord above. God's got her for all who doubt that she will be wayyy happier then she was before she left us. I was actually good friends with her for a short period of time a couple years back, and I knew she was struggling with life, we had talked about it several times. Underneath all the drugs and hate, and anger she had for the world, she was a human being. She had a heart, and for those of you who feel different, well, thats your opinion. I, myself being a drug addict as well, have deep sympathy for people like myself and her who feel that the drug is the only thing that will take it away. In Ashley's case, unfortunately, it was her life that got taken. My heart goes out to all of her friends and family, who in this moment, are deeply suffering the loss of a good friend, daughter, sister, cousin, and most recently an aunt! I will keep each and everyone of you in my prayers. And always remember, she is in a much better place, and if she could be here now, she wouldn't want anyone to feel sorry for her. She wouldn't want all of your lives to stop. Only to stop long enough to take a look at the reality of her situation, and learn from it. Especially ones like myself who are suffering with the horrible devil of addiction, depression, rejection, and so on. I'm not going to sit here and say I'm all "holier than thou" or that this is what's going to make me stop using drugs and alcohol, seeing my friends thrown away like trash, literally. And I hope and pray that one day, just one day, I will soon be strong enough to break free from the "hell on earth" I have created for myself, unlike Ashley. Again, I send my condolences to everyone and God bless everybody, stuggling or not.

angels are singing
angels are singing

i worked with the girl years ago!! she was a very nice girl but had a very bad childhood and ended up falling in with the wrong crowd just a few years ago. she will be missed here on earth. the angels are singing to her now as she goes on to be with her father.  may she rest in peace. now finally ashley you are now at peace finally!!!!


Sudden death??? She just suddently died "in a dumpster"???How about a suspicious death??

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