Today's Inaugural China Hub Flight Gets Mascot: Ghost of Herve Villechaize

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Look, boss! The plane! The plane!
Media is invited this afternoon to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport to witness the first of what city officials hope will be thousands of more cargo flights from China.

The China Cargo Airlines jet is scheduled to land at 4 p.m. The governor, local officials and a delegation from the Civil Aviation Administration of China will be on hand for remarks and a ribbon cutting.

Meanwhile, the $360 million in public funding that backers of the St. Louis Aerotropolis (a.k.a. "China Hub") say they need get the project off the ground remains stalled in the state legislature. Moreover, critics say the China Hub will never work, no matter how much money is thrown its way.

That's why Daily RFT has named Hervé Villechaize (a.k.a. Tattoo from Fantasy Island) the "official mascot" of today's ceremonies at the airport. Sadly, Mr. Villechaize committed suicide soon in 1993 (life wasn't a tropical island for him), but his ghost plans to be there, welcoming China Cargo Airline's Boeing 777 with his infectious: "Dee plane! Dee plane!"

'Cause, you know, at this point it seems like only Tattoo and Mr. Rourke (RIP, Ricardo Montablan) can turn this fantasy into reality.

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 How many new jobs do the Chinese gain.How much tax payers dollars will have to continue being pumped into this private (wealthy) business venture. What we have here is a few wealthy business men, non tax paying corporations looking to invest into making more money "open up a china hub"  What will china gain, more manufacturing in china, a country which refuses to accept many of America's imports. This hub is a direct foot print in the center of America a selling of America. Government "tax payer" funded for the most part, through tax breaks and subsides (with most of the funds running into the hands of the investors and speculators) is what I see, taking advantage of American's by using our hard earned tax dollars to provide "job creation in china" a project doomed to later receive subsides and additional tax breaks. For a small handful of temp jobs and a even smaller amount of permanent jobs in the city.Build a railroad in America instead link a town or small community with other towns and communities encourage growth in other places besides just our big cities. Encourage growth and building for All Americans not just a handful located in a big city.Rebuild our rail system put our towns back to work stop investing in just our cities. .

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