VIDEO: Unofficial Rules for Cheering St. Louis Rams

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Earlier this month Daily RFT poked fun at "Ram Rules", a video played on the JumboTron at the Edward Jones Dome that gives football fans five pointers on how to cheer.

Well, yesterday the guys at Joe Sports Fans one-upped our mockery big time with this hilarious video, titled "Ram Rules 6 -10."

St. Louis "Ram Rules" Round Two from on Vimeo.

Now, compare that to the "official" Ram Rules below.

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handsome jimmy
handsome jimmy

Sitting with friends from Baltimore at the dome on Sunday. They had quite the good time with the Rams Rules. Totally fucking embarrassing. Apparently the Rams marketing/PR flacks just don't ever seem to get it. It's just not enough that I have season tickets and the team mails it in on Sundays (and Mondays) but then the team goes the fuck out of their way to put these Rams Rules on the half-assed video board. Perfect. Cocksuckers, every one of them I tell you.


I hadn't seen the Rams version until now, but it's retarded. Do the fans actually follow through with any of the yelling?

And if they want the loudest stadium in the league, how about putting a team on the field that can win?

11+ seasons since that awesome Super Bowl win6+ seasons since they've made the playoffs7+ seasons without winning season (8-8 isn't a winning season) - the Rams are 35-70 (.333 win pct) in that stretch - and only a pathetic 13-54 (.194 win pct) from 2007 through this year.

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