Cardinals Playoffs Means No Furloughs for St. Louis Employees

dugout bench.JPG
City workers won't be benched with the Cards in the World Series.
Thanks to the Cardinals' postseason run, city employees won't be forced to take another furlough this year.

Mayor Francis Slay's office announced yesterday that the city will take in an estimated $2 million in taxes from the seven postseason games played so far in St. Louis. If the team returns to St. Louis next week for the final two games of the World Series, the city could take in another $900,000 in revenue from sales tax as well as earnings taxes on visiting players and staff.

For the last three years the city has furloughed managers for two weeks and workers for one week in order to cover rising pension costs and minimize layoffs.

Yesterday Mayor Francis Slay said more furloughs could come next year, should pension costs continue to climb and the economy remain listless. "Although the future remains cloudy, I am glad that we can lift this burden off of our employees [this year]," said Slay.

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This is unabashed 'hype', laying mountains of economic impact boasts on  top of economic impact boasts over the World Series. While at lest 3 downtown hotels are in deep trouble and Union Station is going down-again. Better the City collect the ticket tax on EVERY Cardinal's game including pro-rating what corporations pay for the sky boxes. At least $5 million a year, from the ballpark alone. Then go over and do the same with Scottrade and the Opera House,  and out to Grand Avenue for the Fox. Also it would be good to use the opera house more than 4 nights a month. It's all 'slight of hand' Downtown. Contrived. Made Up.  


Does this mean STL Police will get to use confiscated World Series tickets on company time?


Rock on Mayor Slay!  I had the pleasure of meeting him this summer.   He is a really nice and educated guy who has the misfortune of dealing with dumbshits like Troupe, Flowers, Carter and French on a regular basis.  I'm sure he has to talk slow to these four  since it is like he is dealing with a group of first graders.

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