Human Population Hits Seven Billion Today

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World population doubled over the past 43 years; it could hit 16 billion by 2100.
Today is Halloween, but you know what's really scary about this October 31 -- especially for population alarmist? It is also the day the world reaches a population of 7 billion people, according to the United Nations Population Fund.

The world first hit the billion person mark in 1800. It took another 130 years to add another billion people. From then it's been gangbusters thanks to advances in health care and food production. Since 1968, the world's population has doubled from 3.5 billion, and at its current clip the human population adds a billion people every twelve to thirteen years.

As the New Yorker noted in a recent article, academics and scientists -- beginning with Thomas Malthus in the early 1800s -- have suggested that disease and famine will at some point control the human population. The question is: When?

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Brown people care about the Earth and want it to flourish and it can be seen everywhere they put up their ghettos or destroy formerly White nations.


Actually the question is: Will it?  Most scientists have unanimously agreed that human population growth is actually slowing...possibly to a point where population contraction will cause problems of its own.

I see it as a good sign.  We've been working hard to improve the quantity of humans for 10,000 years and have been very successful.  Now it's time to start improving the quality....

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