Jerome Bray: St. Louis Homicide No. 97; Shot Dead at Party

St. Louis homicide detective spent the weekend trying to solve a homicide early Saturday morning in the 5400 block of Riverview Drive (below).

5400 riverview.JPG
Jerome A. Bray, 25, was shot multiple times around 12:45 a.m. October 2 after allegedly getting caught up in a fight at a party. Family members reportedly drove Bray to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. More info as it becomes available.

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You are right on the money. Those folks are so entertaining in the way the way they kill themselves and others. It's always a delight to read the news and see where another thug or thugs have bit the dust. They do humanity a favor!


The both of you are so far off the path due to your hate of Blacks. This young man wasn't a thugg, in fact he was a loving father and family man. Its really sad that people like the both of you find death of someones love one as entertaining.

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