McCaskill Explains Her Absence from Obama's St. Louis Fundraiser

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Damned if you do, damned if you dont, says McCaskill.
As has been noted, Senator Claire McCaskill was not at either of President's Barack Obama's two separate fundraisers last night in St. Louis.

Her absence has political junkies wondering if the senator, who was an early champion of Obama's first presidential campaign, will be as big of a supporter of him this time around. Or, is she intentionally trying to distance herself from the president?

A tweet from the senator this morning suggests that it's the campaign system -- not the president -- that kept her away from yesterday's fundraisers.  Tickets for the second of the two events last night went for $25,000 a pop.

Tweeted McCaskill: "If I'd gone to Pres' fundraiser in STL opponents would say that I'd rather hobnob w/big donors than do my job."

McCaskill signed off the tweet with the hashtag #damnedifudodamnedifudont.

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