Peter Kinder's Campaign Spends More Than It Earns

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Update 12:22 p.m. The Missouri Democratic Party reports that Jay Nixon's campaign raised $1.5 million in the third quarter to bring its cash on hand total to $4.2 million.

Original post follows...

The "Friends of Peter Kinder" political campaign filed its third quarter fund-raising report over the weekend, and it doesn't look good for the Republican looking to unseat incumbent Governor Jay Nixon in November of 2012.

Kinder's campaign took in $410,350 in the months of July, August and September. In the same time period the campaign spent $516,591 for a total loss of $106,241 over the quarter. Kinder's campaign currently has $1.5 million of cash on hand. Nixon had twice that much -- nearly $3.2 million -- at the start of the quarter. (Nixon's campaign has yet to filed its third-quarter report with the Missouri Ethic's Commision; however, individual filings suggest that Nixon added hundreds of thousands of dollars to his coffers over the past three months.)

Kinder's campaign took a hit in August when Riverfront Times revealed a curious relationship between Missouri's lieutenant governor and a former stripper and Penthouse Pet named Tammy Chapman. Some Republicans have since called on Kinder to abandon the race for governor. He's yet to officially announce his candidacy.

Still, Kinder has had some fund-raising success lately. In early September, Karl Rove helped raise $160,000 for Kinder at supper in Cape Girardeau. Late last month, Kinder received $25,000 from St. Louis entrepreneur and philanthropist Sam Fox; $5,000 from William "Bucky" Bush; and $50,000 from a St. Charles outfit called the Lewis & Clark Regional Leadership Fund.

H/T: Fired Up! Missouri

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There one was a man named KinderWho got his dick caught in a blender.But is wasn't so badCause a guy name ChadWrote that it was sore tender.

handsome jimmy
handsome jimmy

But, but I thought that Kinder was all about the Tea Party n'shit and staying within one's budget seems to be somewhat important to the baggers, no? 


correction: Wrote that is was sore and tender.

Tammy Chapman
Tammy Chapman

Sorry Kitty, Kinder's Peter is way too big to fit in a blender! I oughta know.

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