Rams: We Do NOT Have the Most Expensive Beer in NFL

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Rams shatter the assertion that their beer is priciest.
Yesterday, Daily RFT reported on a survey from Business Insider that found the St. Louis Rams had the highest-priced beer in football.

But that's simply not true, according to Kevin Demoff, chief operating officer for the Rams.

In an email to Daily RFT this morning, Demoff writes that Business Insider got it wrong by using the most-expensive beer sold in Edward Jones Dome in its survey while other beers at the stadium sell for less.

Per Demoff:
"As an organization that prides itself on being fan-friendly and sensitive to our fans' wallets, I wanted to comment that the study on NFL beer pricing was woefully off-target.

We have three basic price levels for beer at the Edward Jones Dome - 12 oz draft, 16 oz bottle and 20 oz draft, which is the largest beer you can sell by NFL regulations. Our pricing is as follows -- $6.00 for the 12 oz draft, $8.00 for the 16 oz. bottle and $9.00 for the 20 oz. draft. The article implies that we charge $9.00 for a "small draft" but then takes our largest draft as a point of comparison. If they want to use our price point of $9.00, then they should be comparing to the other "large drafts" being sold in the NFL.

If the survey had been accurate, they would have identified our beer price for a small draft at $6.00. That is significantly different and at the lower end of the scale."
We at Daily RFT apologize for passing along faulty information.

Go Rams?

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Unfortunately for the Rams, all of those empty seats do not drink either $6 or $9 beers.


i guess the rams figure that if they can talk you into paying good money to watch them lose week after week, they can probably also talk you into spending $9 for little more than a pint of beer. yeesh.

handsome jimmy
handsome jimmy

Season ticket holder here and would like to fucking know where exactly in the dome is this $6 beer that Demoff speaks of? It is certainly at no concession stand that I have found. How about telling us where this magic $6 for 12 oz beer is located, Demoff?

Andrew M
Andrew M

I'll drink to that (at home or in the parking lot where a can of Blue Moon is $2)

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