Rams Have Most Expensive Beer in NFL

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rams mug.jpg
Nice mug. Just wish we had the cash to fill it.
Update: The Rams disagree that they have the costliest beer in football. Read a response from the team here. Original post follows...

Need another reason to complain about your 0-5 St. Louis Rams? Trying swallowing this -- if you can afford it.

The Rams have the most expensive beer in all of football, according to Business Insider. The St. Louis club sells its brew for $9 per beer. That's 25 cents more than what you'll pay for the same refreshment at the second-priciest stadium for beer -- MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The Cleveland Browns have the cheapest beer at $5, according to Business Insider.

In baseball, Busch Stadium also ranks among the most-expensive stadiums for drinking with its cheapest beer going for $6.75. Only Minnesota, Florida, Toronto and Boston had more expensive beer.

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Oh great. Once Jerry Jones hears this he will raise prices at JerryWorld because he has to be the most "?" in any category.


I bought a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 12 oz. beer for $11 at Ford Field. No prices were not posted for "premium beers". 


They can charge so much for beer because only drunks can stand to watch a Rams game.

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