Rams' Wastebasket: Most Symbolic Team Merchandise Ever Sold?

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As seen for sale this weekend at the Lowe's in Maplewood:

rams trashcan.jpg
Photo: Chad Garrison
Yep. These decorative rubbish bins pretty much summarize the Rams' 2011 season so far, wouldn't you agree?


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Mike N.
Mike N.

I see your point, Chad, but I think these are actually beer buckuts, a well-needed accessory for Rams games.  (I would recommend filling them with a bag of ice and a 12 of O'fallon Pumkin Ale.)

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Huh. I didn't see anything advertising them as beer buckets. Looked more like office wastebaskets to me. Then again, beer would be a good use for them. It takes a lot of drinking to enjoy this year's team.

Mike N.
Mike N.

True, I was just kind of joking;  I'm sure they're probably marketed as trash bins, but hey, 'repurposing' is all the rage these days.  But I definately appreciate the irony of a Rams garbage can.   You know the last Rams game was bad when I tuned over to watch Laverne & Shirley on channel 46.2 rather than watching the rest of the game.  No joke there, you gotta love Lenny and Squigy!

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