Sex Organ Cakes Left in Tony La Russa's Hotel Room?

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vagina cake with sprinkles.jpg
This tale takes the cake. Ba-ding, ching.
Maybe it's not the Rally Squirrel bringing the Cardinals good luck this postseason. Maybe it's the penis- and vagina-shaped cakes left in Tony La Russa's hotel room!

Well, maybe. That is, if TLR even saw the cakes. Deadspin reports that the Cardinals' manager was checking into his hotel this weekend in Milwaukee as a group of women attending a bachelorette party were departing the hotel.

They overheard the receptionist telling La Russa that the guests in his suite had just checked out. Could it be the same suite where the women partied it up? The same suite where they'd just left several naughty leftovers, including the "vagina" cake to the right? 

Perhaps. Perhaps not. One thing we know is that TortyCraig would appreciate the sprinkles.

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Is this a joke? I can't imagine any respectable hotel - the Cards stay in very good ones - would allow a new guest into a room that had not been cleaned, especially if the room had just been vacated. And if they did,  how did a photographer get in there to take a picture? Housekeepers don't carry cameras and certainly the hotel staff would not take and publish a picture that would cause them grief.  The Cardinals and other teams, even the Baseball Commissioner Bud Seilig stay at The Pfister Hotel, one of the very finest in Milwaukee. I just don't believe this story.

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