St. Louis Concierge Confession Leaves Mind Reeling

concierge confession.jpg
Illustration: Mark Andresen
A certain downtown hotel, we're told, is all to happy to set its guests up with escorts.

A recent comment left on the website piqued our curiosity here at RFT and set our art department's mind a spinning. Here's the comment:
I am the Guest Services Manager at a very large, very upscale chain affiliated hotel in downtown St Louis. My job is to run the bellmen, doormen, concierge lounge on the 21st floor for the people who all make more money than us, and the concierge desk in the lobby. Not only do guests routinely ask us for escorts, but we keep a sheet of reputable ones and their going rates. Pimps or "managers" as they call themselves, also lobby to be on this list. Each of my four departments are required to know directions to the best restaurants, the best St Louis attractions, and at any time arrange for an escort for our guests. So there you have it.
And here is a slideshow of that quote illustrated.

Do you know of any other "they said it" comments/quotes that might make for an amusing, illustrated piece? Leave 'em in the comment section along with a link to the source. Thanks!

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information provided is perhaps useful for some people not for all.


Way to get the commenter fired!  He obviously didn't write this comment with the thought that a local newspaper would pick it up.  Jesus.


Escorts are awesome. They give married guys like me a chance to have a little fun from time to time. Nothing wrong with a man having his needs met. You honestly think a man is supposed to bang the same pussy for the rest of his life? Get real.


Haha no surprise here!  I bet the hotel/s in question downtown are just crawling with tranny hookers considering all the Texas fans in town this week haha :-) 

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