Suspects Charged in Sunset Hills Home Invasion

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Joshua Hammett and Todd McCubbins held a woman captive as they robbed her home, according to police.
St. Louis County prosecuting this morning charged Joshua J. Hammett, 35, of the 6500 block of Morganford Street in St. Louis, and Todd M. McCubbins, 36, of the 3700 block of Blow Street in St. Louis, on numerous charges involving an armed break-in of a home yesterday in Sunset Hills.

Police in the southwest St. Louis suburb responded to a call of a robbery in progress around 11 a.m. yesterday and saw evidence of forced entry upon their arrival. According to police, a Sunset Hills' officer saw Hammett armed inside the house and shot him as he held the female homeowner captive. She was rescued and not physically injured.

Other arriving Sunset Hills police officers allegedly saw McCubbins trying to flee by jumping over fences and running through nearby yards. Police quickly apprehended him and took him into custody.

Hammett was taken to a nearby hospital and is currently in stable condition following surgery. A motive other than robbery has not been determined. The two are both charged with first-degree robbery, burglary, felonious restrain, unlawful use of a weapon of property damage and armed criminal action. Each is being held on a $250,000 cash-only bond.

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This is some Sorry Ass Shit! Im embarrassed to even say that I knew 1 of these seriously Sick individuals! Karma is a Bitch-:) but in the end..... We all get what we deserve- & that's exactly what's happened here! I'm just grateful that the innocent were not harmed in this hannous act of violence & stupidity....

Mike N.
Mike N.

Okay, these guys are douche bags and all, but more importantly, Sarah Fenske is leaving the RFT?!?  That's a shame.  And I'm not just saying that because she's a hot blonde.  Well, maybe a little bit, but she's still a damned good journalist.  I wish her all the best!

Chad Garrison
Chad Garrison

Off topic, but I'll agree with you on four of your five points and decline comment on the fifth. Sarah is leaving (for a great opportunity as editor of our sister publication, LA Weekly) and she'll be missed.


But is Sarah is leaving, who will write all the Peter Kinder articles? I guess that heavy burden will fall on you, Chad. But, hey, I know you can do it!

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