Doughnuts with Sprinkles Key To Cardinals Game 2 Victory?

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One might get that impression reading the twitter feed of Allen Craig's pet tortoise (and online alter-ego), @tortycraig.

The Cardinals outfielder has tweeted all kinds of locker-room intrigue in recent weeks, including the following scene from yesterday morning when the Redbirds needed some fried dough to lift their spirits after a loss Saturday night to the Phillies.
tortycraig tweets.jpg
Sadly, the doughnuts didn't have much positive effect on Carp, who pitched just three innings and left with the Cardinals down 4-0 after the third. The team would rally, though, with three runs in the 4th inning, another run in the 6th and Pujols getting the game-winning RBI in the 7th. "The doughnuts ha' arrive, mang!"

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Sarah Kuper
Sarah Kuper

@tortycraig:twitter has specifically stated that "Master Allen hasn't the time to tweet for himself let alone for me. I assure you that my tweets don't come from a player."  You might want to mention somewhere that the "locker room intrigue" is entirely fabricated.


It is definitely not AC that is tweeting this.

Kim Carpenter
Kim Carpenter

Are you actually implying that Allen Craig is writing these tweets or is it just bad syntax?

"Allen Craig's pet tortoise (and online alter-ego)"

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