Washington Avenue Named Among Nation's Great Streets

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Isn't this great?!
Sheryl Crow doesn't sing about Washington Avenue the way she does Los Angeles' Santa Monica Boulevard.

But in the eyes of the American Planning Association, the two roadways are on par this year, with both being named to the agency's Top 10 Great Streets for 2011. (The Delmar Loop and Clayton's Wydown won similar honors in 2007 and 2010, respectively.)

The APA writes of Washington Avenue:
Once mostly vacant and deteriorating, Washington Avenue today has reversed decades of urban decline to become one of St. Louis's most popular districts. This downtown corridor -- replete with residential and office lofts, boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs -- pulses with activity not seen since its garment district days, a time when sidewalks were filled with window-shoppers and buyers. A virtual museum of late 19th and early 20th century warehouse architecture clad in brick, stone, and terra cotta, this monumental corridor imparts one of St. Louis's most cohesive vistas.

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It also has an ongoing problem with Yadarius, Marcel and Demarcus racially targeting Whites for hate crimes of robbery, property damage and assault.

Mike N.
Mike N.

It was a lot cooler in the 1227 days...  other than the whole 'getting held up at gunpoint while parking' thing.


Leave it to the RFT to manage to put a negative spin on this


The days before carbon copy clubs.  I miss the old 1227, Galaxy, Other World, an the rest.  Back when there were different things downtown.  Last time I was in St Louis, I was sorely disappointed.  My friends came up looking for something to do after the tattoo convention and I was embarrassed by what little was actually on Washington to do.

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