Win Tickets for Today's Blues Game

OK, you have to act fast on this one, but we're giving away two tickets for today's Blues vs. Calgary Flames game, absolutely free.

The game begins at 1 p.m., so we'll be picking a winner as quickly as possible -- and you'll want the flexibility to get down to the RFT office at 6358 Delmar Boulevard before the game begins.

All you have to do to win is answer a simple trivia question: Who won Best Athlete's Butt in this year's Best of St. Louis issue -- and what was one reason given for that player's selection?

First person to post a correct answer in the comment section below wins the tickets. Please include some way to contact you, whether that's email, Facebook or Twitter, so we can make sure you're coming to claim your tickets.

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Michael Kinkade
Michael Kinkade

Name and twitter is@wheresthechief:twitter 


Yep! Sorry to our other contestants, who both got the name right, but Michael is the only guy who got Part B of the question -- which was giving us the REASON Steven Jackson's Ass kicks ass. So, I'm declaring him the winner.

Michael, I'll be in touch with details, but prepare to go today's game!


Stephen Jackson

Michael Kinkade
Michael Kinkade

Stephen Jackson-Even the most dedicated heterosexual loves Steven Jackson's ass. It is robust, meaty and often seen in the act of hauling. The Rams star's butt received plenty of, um, face time amid Jackson's six-season streak of 1,000-plus rushing yards. But it looks best in the act of anticipation, in those seconds before the snap, the nylon-spandex blend stretched over the running back's tight end like a canvas of endless possibilities for the upcoming play. On "Hike!" Steven Jackson's butt shines, proving why he is our MVP — most vivacious posterior.

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