World Series Starts Wednesday at Busch Stadium

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The Cardinals are four games away from picking up their 11th one of these.
Wow! What a dizzying game last night. Six home runs in the first three innings?! You gotta be kidding me. And you got to feel bad -- almost -- for the hapless Brewers who committed another four errors last night in Milwaukee, allowing the Cardinals to build momentum and score at least one run in their 12-6 rout. The Redbirds continued their improbable post-season run, clinching the NLCS in six games.

Next up are the Texas Rangers. Game 1 of the World Series takes place Wednesday night at Busch Stadium. As Mike Shannon would say: "Get up, baby. Get up!" 

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I was born in Clayton and I normally pull for the NL (I'm a Cubs fan) but I live in Dallas so get ready. Rally Squirrel better watch out, we have squirrel season down here.   

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