Nation, St. Louis, Add More Poor People to Poorest Neighborhoods Over Last Decade

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​A new report out by the Brookings Institution, an independent research group, shows that the number of Americans living in extreme concentrated poverty grew by a third over the past decade, climbing from 9.1 to 10.5 percent since 2000, according to census data.

The jump in extreme concentrated poverty -- defined as areas where at least 40 percent of residents live below the federal poverty line -- wipes away much of the economic gains the poor in this country made during the 1990s. The rising trend, captured through 2009, occurred in about three-quarters of the nation's largest metropolitan regions.

So how does St. Louis figure into all this?

Here in the Lou, the metropolitan region experienced a .7 percent increase in concentrated poverty rate since 2000. More specifically, there are 8,431 more St. Louisans living in poor neighborhoods than there were a decade ago.

The picture in St. Louis, which held its own during the first half of the decade before hitting tougher times, isn't nearly as bad as it is in other Rust Belt cities; indeed, the concentrated poverty rate nearly doubled in Midwestern metropolitan areas since 2000. Detroit, along with three Ohio cities -- Toledo, Youngstown and Dayton -- were among the regions that added the highest percentages of poor people to their already-poor neighborhoods.

According to the report, the suburbs fared far worse than cities proper, experiencing 41 percent rise in extreme poverty as compared with 17 percent, respectively. In the St. Louis region, the growth in concentrated poverty rate was larger in the suburbs (2.3 percent) than it was in the city (.3 percent) over the last decade.

As of December 2009 there were 46.2 million Americans -- more than 15 percent --living in poverty. The federal poverty line is $22,314 for a family of four.

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So much for Obama's hopey changy bullshit. Not since the Great Depression have so many people fallen into poverty. And he promised to make things better. HA.

Since Obama has become president, people on food stamps now account for 15% of the poplulation, approximately 45 million. To qualify, a person has to make less than $1,800.00 per month - abject poverty. Obama has done nothing to help. Nothing!

As of August, 2011 Black unemployment was 16.7%, the highest percentage since 1984.  Black teenage unemployment has skyrocketed to 40%! Obama has done nothing to help. Nothing whatsoever!

So, to all of you poor unemployed black folk, remember next November that Obama has failed you miserably. Is this the Hope and Change you expected from Obama?  I doubt it. Is this the Hope and Changed he promised? You gotta be kidding! 



The Brookings Institute data stretches over an entire decade, specifically the last 10 years.  George W. has 8 of those years while Obama has 2 of them.  Especially when you consider that the gap was decreasing during the last half of the 90s what does that tell you...other than you're an idiot?

"It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln


pretty sure that was Mark Twain, not Abraham Lincoln. unless that's part of the joke :)


Obama has had three years to create jobs and he has failed miserably. And the black folks he pandered to so much are the one who are hurting most. Spin it how you wish, but poverty and unemployment rates have skyrocketed under Obama.

You didn't remain silent and now everyone knows you are a fool -  just another pissed off democrat whining because Obama has failed you miserably.


Actually the quote has been attributed to both Twain and Lincoln.  Type it into google and you'll see multiple attributions.


Kitty--don't take anything for granted. 


I quote the facts and  write my pointed opinions about these types of news items. I don't have to eat or back up my words. I obviously piss off some people yet others like what I say. I sleep well at night. Let the games begin!


Remember this quote from a friend of mine I posted the other day?  It applies to you as well Kitty:

A little word of warning to those of you suffering from ITG (Internet Tough Guy) syndrome:  You will, at some point, come across someone that will compel you to back up your words.  The next troll comment you hurl could be to someone that has nothing to lose in making that confrontation a reality. 

It's not gonna be me, but if I were you Kitty--I'd be very careful in the future. 

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