Need to Start Over in Life? Try Columbia! After Trying 16 Other Cities First

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Downtown Columbia! Prepare ye for hoardes of new blood!
From the people who told you we're ugly, dumb and not as funny as Kansas City:

The list-hounds over at The Daily Beast have come up with yet another one: The 30 "best places in America for reinvigorating your life and career."

And to all those folks seeking a new city in which to start afresh, Columbia is right on top!!!! Of 13 other cities.

It trails 16 other cities, because those other 16 apparently just look better with respect to small business friendliness, ease of finding a job, high income level, low cost-of-living, non-profit friendliness, student-friendliness. And for people who want to start their lives over, these things are deal-makers -- or, if you ain't got it, deal-breakers.

At 16th place, Columbia kinda do got it. So congrats Columbia! (Kind of.)

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Of course people would want to migrate to Columbia. It is the best party city in MO where booze flows like water, underage drinking is all but legal,  and getting caught with a 1/4 oz. of  weed is no longer a crime. Go Tigers!


 Weed is not a crime in Arizona, Nevada,California or Hawaii. its called medical pot and its legal in those states. Man made Liquor,God made Pot who do you Trust?


 actually its a very boring place to live. it will put you to sleep. after a few weeks of living here you will want to commit suicide. San Francisco , LA , Honolulu Oahu Hawaii are the place to live for real true excitement.

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