Dary McCoy: DNA Ties 24-Year-Old Man to Rape of Elderly Woman

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Dary McCoy: He pretended to be a repairman, but the real McCoy is a violent rapist, according to police.
A possible serial rapist is in custody today, accused of raping a woman over the age of 70 in her north county apartment this summer.

St. Louis County police say 24-year-old Dary McCoy pretended to be a repairman on June 10 when he knocked on the woman's door. Once inside, McCoy drew a gun and robbed the woman. But he wasn't finished.

He then raped and sodomized her, according to police. Before leaving the scene, McCoy allegedly gagged the woman with a sock, tied her up with the belt from her nightgown and threw her in a closet.

Police matched his DNA to the scene two months later when McCoy they picked him up in in August for failing to appear in court for a 2009 burglary charge. A DNA test following that arrest placed him at the scene of the June rape.

Court records indicate that McCoy could be a serial rapist.

In September a grand jury indicted McCoy, of the 10100 block of Ventura Drive, with deviate sexual intercourse and sodomy involving a person under the age of 14. According to court documents, that assault occurred on New Year's Day of 2008 in which McCoy allegedly used a deadly weapon to rape the minor.

McCoy is currently being held on a $250,000 bond.

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It never ceases to amaze me why young rapists rape old women. Come on now, Dary is young and relatively handsome. He should have no trouble scoring fresh young pussy. Unless of course the 70 yr. old looked like the very old and sexy Sophia Loren. NOT.

All kidding aside, anyone who would defile an old lady needs to be castrated and forced to eat his own dick.


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The colored boyz sho nuff do love raping elderly White women but the libs say he got a bum rap and is being railroaded because a KKK member perped this one and blamed it on Darius T Washington.


The fact that you (presumably) a White female finds this baboon attricative speaks volumes about you.

Oh and I don't necessarily blame Dary. He can't help it he was born to an inferior race that's genetically predisposed to being a criminal and a rapist.


Your inner Yadarius is showing


Man! Yadarius ain dun nuffin n sheeit!

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