Diane Lee: St. Louis Occupier Wants Better Life for Granddaughter

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Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
This week Riverfront Times profiled the people of Occupy St. Louis. Here are few additional portraits of the "99 percent."

Occupant: Diane Lee, age 67

Lives in: Edwardsville, Illinois; teacher

Time at Occupy: Since Day 1 (on and off)

Spends the night: No

Reason to Occupy: "In the '60s a guy could graduate from high school and support his family and his wife could stay home. Now, two of them can't do it. I don't want to pass that on to my granddaughter."

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In fact you are a bunch of idiots that should be actually doing something with your lives instead of playing the victim... I am a college graduate that does not work in my field of study, but that doesn't stop me from working or providing. I'm a bartender and make great money and have benefits an IRA a house and car...stop feeling sorry for yourselves and trying to make others feel that way too, get up get a job in the bar/restaurant industry(that Shit ain't going anywhere) find a trade. Do something instead of standing in a park all Damn day holding a sign and being an eye sore on the city of St. Louis...good day off to work for me!


"...but it's working."  How?  What?  Where?  Whom is it working for?  Would the change these people see happening please stand up?

I keep hearing this from the occupiers that "it's working."  Can I have an example that doesn't include "we've increased attention for..." or "we've raised awareness of..."?


That's how it starts working.  We aren't finished working yet.  In fact, we've barely started.

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