Ten Suspects Netted in FBI Heroin Sting

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​Members of an FBI task force blanketed the St. Louis metropolitan region during the early hours of yesterday morning in a three-county sting operation in attempt to dismantle a heroin trafficking ring.

The roundup resulted in ten arrests in the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County and St. Charles County. Two suspects remain at large.

The sting follows four recent federal indictments charging sixteen individuals with narcotics conspiracy. A small handful of the defendants received additional firearms violations and money laundering charges. The FBI, which classified the alleged organization as "violent," has been investigating the case since April 2009.

The indicted individuals are:

29-year-old Donald White aka "Lil Don" of St. Charles
32-year-old Cortez White aka "Tez" of Florissant
31-year-old Darnell Lathan aka "Lil Red" of Florissant
31-year-old Charles Peoples of St. Louis
23-year-old Samantha Street aka "Sam" of St. Louis County
33-year-old Reginald Davis of St. Louis County
35-year-old Stephany Fowler aka "Ann" of St. Louis
36-year-old Clarissa McCary aka "Red" of Florissant
28-year-old Bridgett Corbett of O'Fallon, Missouri
26-year-old Philip Pratt of Pagedale
52-year-old Orbia Carthen aka "Pops" of St. Louis County
29-year-old Kevin Mulvill of Alton, Illinois

The main indictment, which levies charges against seven men and three women, can be found here.

For our previous coverage of the area's heroin epidemic, click here.

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