Why You Shouldn't Pull a Gun on a Cop

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Tammy Robinette made several huge errors in judgment while driving in Greene County on the night of October 4. Drinking and driving was a big one. That caused a sheriff's deputy to pull her over.

But then the 46-year-old plucked a pink-handled pistol from her bag, aimed at the deputy and pulled the trigger twice. The gun only clicked. It didn't fire. The deputy's gun, however, was in working order.

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Stupid PUNK cop, Its PUNK cops like this I just LOVE to hear about in the news that get clipped in the line of duty. Worthless P O S. web-tools.at.tc

Matt Hay
Matt Hay

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Ms. Robinette should be up for a Darwin Award it appears. Very thankful this officer was not hurt. Scary thing was, she was able to pull the trigger twice. Could have been his life had her weapon actually discharged. Thank God it did not.


There's one born every minute.  If only they would die just as fast.

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