Joe Webb: Former SLU English Instructor Making It In Hollywood

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Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Joe Webb during his days at SLU.
Yesterday Daily RFT got an update from our friend Joe Webb, a former doctoral student and English instructor at SLU, whose advice column for undergraduates became something of an Internet sensation a couple years back. 

Shortly after we wrote about Webb and his online alter-ego -- "Dr. Wizard" -- Webb packed his bags (and his Jeopardy!  earnings) and headed to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a television writer. 

Yesterday Webb informed us: "On my third general meeting, I somehow sold a show idea, then was given a (very) limited budget to go off and produce the thing." 

For the past 18 months, while teaching and working on other scripts, Webb and friends worked on his serialized drama, Books. Now the first few episodes of that show are complete and being released week-by-week online through Freemantle Media. Check out the first "chapter" after the jump, and if you like what you saw be sure to "like" it on Facebook.

So, Joe, the professor with the apple in your show is no way a nod to your own apple-musing days as an English instructor at SLU, is it? Nah.

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