Kansas Teen Twitter Sensation; Followers Grow 100-Fold Following Remark About Governor

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Last week Emma Sullivan of the Kansas City suburb of Fairway, Kansas, had 65 followers on Twitter. Right now she has 6,200 and rising. Her meteoric surge in popularity stems from a Tweet made from her phone last Monday when Sullivan was attending a speech from Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback:

emma sullivan tweet.jpg
Turns out that Sullivan didn't actually say anything to the governor that day. Nevertheless, the governor's handlers saw Sullivan's tweet and told her principal about it at Shawnee Mission East High School. The principal had demanded that Sullivan write an apology to the governor. But she's not going to. She tells the Associated Press that she disagrees with Brownback's decision to cut funding for the arts in Kansas. And to her growing Twitter followers, she writes:

emma sullivan tweet 2.jpg
Strong words, indeed. Though she really should have kept that "heblowsalot" hashtag. That was classic.

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So let me get this straight.  The Governor's people got mad about tweeted statements that she didn't actually make in person meaning that she lied to her 62 followers.  Now a principal with no involvement has become involved demanding she write an apology about tweeted statements she didn't actually make and than lied about.  All of this has resulted in 6,200 followers and rising....

Conclusion...social media is for fucking retards.

Marla Louise
Marla Louise

Last I looked, Emma has 7300 twitter followers and @govsambrownback (aka #heblowsalot) had only 3100.   I only have 10 twitter followers (pout).

Abe Gurko
Abe Gurko

I pay homage to Emma Sullivan, my favorite new person of the week, one of the people we lerve, whatever you want to crown her, but crown her I do. Why I Love Emma Sullivan: http://bit.ly/tiF6xO

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