Godfrey Woman Finds It Hilarious She's Charged with Felony

Thumbnail image for RASCHEL L. HERMACINSKI.JPG
Raschel Hermacinski needs no "say cheese" prompting.
There are many moods one can affect when posing for a police mugshot. That said, most people opt for something implying either disappointment (with themselves) or disbelief (in police accusing them of a crime).

Then there's Raschel Hermacinski of Godrey, Illinois. 

When charged last week with felony unlawful use of a credit card, the 25-year-old nearly busted a gut in laughter.  

Sadly her boyfriend, 23-year-old Hunter Beck (right), went for a more traditional mugshot look.  

According to the Madison County Sheriff's Office, Hermacinski and Beck made $792 in fraudulent charges on a credit card belonging to one of Beck's family members. The couple was arrested last week at their residence and taken into custody. Bail was set at $15,000 per person.

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